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Let's Improve Your Long-Term Competitive Advantage

Suppose you are not satisfied with the current state of your business, haven’t come up with a solution, and are still searching for the silver bullet, something new that will turn things around. 

Will you focus on short-term urgent issues, or will you work on the important long-term things, like your competitive advantage?

If you need, for example, to make more sales because your business risks going under, that’s a critical issue that you need to address immediately. Putting out the fire has priority. Unfortunately, Stradigo is not the fire department. On the other hand, if your sales and other metrics seem to lag behind expectations, with no single simple fix visible, like your business is staying afloat, but things are getting increasingly harder by the month. Your issue may be something more fundamental. If so, pay close attention. Stradigo has the strategic knowledge, methods, and tools that you seek. With our help, you can strengthen your foundation by working on your business strategy. This allows you to improve your long-term competitive advantage.

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Watch Our Business Strategy Webinar

In this one-hour strategy webinar, we cover things like…

1. Creating a One-Page Business Strategy
2. The power of the right questions
3. Upgrading your strategy in a structured manner

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To properly help your business, we need to know who you are. You see, the type of information & advice you may find valuable, practical, and relevant significantly depends on your current situation, the size of your business, and the role you have. If you just want more knowledge on Business Strategy, please register for our Business Strategy Webinar instead (see above).





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Stradigo is a brand owned by Rdigo Oy (Business-ID: 2120844-1).

Rdigo Oy is registered in Finland as a Limited company. We are a strategy consultancy located in the Helsinki capital region.

We’ve been in business since 2007. The company name comes from the latin word Redigo, meaning both ‘I shape’ & ‘I renew’.

Stradigo combines the word strategy with Rdigo.